Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Top 5 mistakes made by Online Marketers. Don’t make these and Sabotage your Promotional Effects

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Today I’m tackling one of the biggest problems faced by new on-line marketers. The matter is this, the ability to market effectively. This causes a lot of marketer’s incredible frustration! The result, they throw up their hands in despair and quit long before they see any results.

This is what I hear from people day after day in my role as an online Home Business Consultant. “I am posting, and promoting but not obtaining any leads or sales! Help me!” If this is you, keep reading, I’m going to tell you need to know about marketing.

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

It is true that you can be promoting every day but if you’re making one or all of the 5 common

Mistakes I’ve made public here, you will not get the results you want. Take note, this can be necessary stuff if you’re extremely serious about making money on-line.

1. The first mistake made by new on-line marketers is this:

Not knowing WHAT to market.

I talk to people daily, nice people that wish to sell something on-line and earn some extra money. They sign up or this and for that, they get Affiliate Memberships everywhere the web hoping to induce better results by being concerned in everything they’ll get their hands on. Their intentions are good, they’re motivated but they stumble right off the bat by not knowing what to market.

Here’s a fast guide for you on WHAT to Market: -Pick products to market that are DIGITAL. Digital products are those that can be bought and sold instantly on-line. You get your commission sooner; the buyer gets their product instantly! Its no-fuss no-muss and also the best way to begin your web marketing experience and see some results. -In most cases there’s no value to be a product Reseller or Affiliate – hurray! -Pick Reseller products from a reputable long-standing company that specializes in helping vendors connect with affiliates to sell products on-line -Pick products or affiliate programs that provide advertising copy, banners, and sales aids along with referral links therefore you’ll be able to simply promote the products -Pick products that catch YOUR EYE! Newest releases, products with catchy names, trendy topics, those with positive buyer feedback, and return guarantees are best! -Look for venture releases so you’ll be able to be one of the first to promote the products when first released for sale Finally, FOCUS! Keep your eye on the prize – profits – do not spread yourself too thin. Narrow your efforts to a few products and put 100 percent effort into your campaign.

2. The second common mistake made by new on-line marketers is this:

Not knowing HOW to market.

I am always surprised at the answer people offer me when I ask how they’re marketing on-line. They look at me perhaps thinking what a ridiculous question that is! They tell me they’re sending out their web site address. When I look at their website I see a site that’s Oh so boring! It reads like a brochure with company history, and a few pages of fluffy copy. Yes, of course it’s necessary to promote your web site address but if you wish to capture leads you must do this – get the prospects contact information!

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Getting the contact information from a prospect is often very difficult to do with a standard corporate website. The answer to this problem is to create what are called LANDING pages, or Squeeze pages. These are single page sites that have one purpose and one purpose only – get you a LEAD – and better yet lead to a sale! Some companies provide Landing Pages when you become a Reseller for their products. Landing pages assist you build your marketing list. Every person may not be a customer nowadays, but on your mailing list they may enjoy future products you provide. Offering an option to join your mailing directly on your Landing Page gives people 100 percent management over opting in to your mailing list or not. You build your list while making that people have voluntarily joined your mailing list.

Here’s a fast guide to creating responsive landing pages:

They should be fast loading! Skip any animation, video or annoying distraction that simply makes people click OFF! -Use pictures that are colorful, directive, and related to the theme of your product -Your copy must be short, punchy, laden with benefits- speak directly to the reader -Your copy ought to tell readers what they get if they ACT now! Limit the offer, even better! -Capture the contact information of the reader so you’ll be able to deliver what they asked for -The more goodies, freebies, offers, and funky stuff you can give people the BETTER the response! -Always include an option for people to join your mailing list and provide them GREAT reasons to want to do so!

Unlike a website, a landing page should be EXCITING, BENEFIT-LADEN and accomplish this:

Look reader! You get this! Do this to get it! Do it now and also get this BONUS!

3. Here is the third most common mistake I see new marketers making:

Not KNOWING where to Market

Marketing isn’t simple but if you know what you’re doing it may be. The key’s to find the sites, the niches where you’ll be able to target your market. Market to the right people rather than the masses with solid products and you may get instantly better results.

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Here’s a fast guide to knowing where to market:

-Do a Google search to find sites associated with what you’re promoting, then target those sites for your marketing campaigns -Use every available niche market you’ll be able to find and post there, this includes Forums, classified advertisement Sites, Banner Exchanges, Twitter and Social Networking and Bookmarking sites. -Do not discount FREE and low value advertising choices like BLOGS, and Exchanges. These are wonderful ways in which to focus on a specific market -You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising. Find the sites where your target market exists, then place low value ads together with safe list posts, banners, and classified advertisements. Do not even suppose to think about buying pay-per-click ads at sites like Google unless you have got deep pockets and understand what you’re doing. -Learn what backlinks are and why they’re SO VERY important to generating traffic and achieving better search engine indexing for your website, products or business. -If any of the terms above are foreign to you, you have some homework to do; I actually have included some resources below.

4. Are you ready for the fourth and perhaps most fatal mistake made by new on-line marketers?

Not knowing how to TRACK your promotional campaigns

If you’re going to spend time and money to promote a product or service you MUST, you fully should understand where you’re obtaining your results. Ad tracking is a 100 percent requirement! If you’re not tracking your ads, and also the clicks you get and from where, you’re promoting blindly. What happens when you do not watch what you’re doing? You can fall in a hole! On-line this can be a hole where you fall in and throw your money into wasted ad campaigns. I’ve seen more people enable paid advertising to eat up their entire budget than I would like to think about. Smart marketers that get results understand exactly the ad campaigns that get results, and also the sources they came from.

Get an ad tracker Tool. Some advertising sites offer you with information on range of clicks to your ads, or impressions. This is necessary; just be sure you understand what those terms mean. A click is sometimes much more powerful for you then a “view”. You want ACTIVE respondents, real people actually clicking on your ad to examine it. This is much abundant than an “exposure” or a “view” with the latter being considered passive and very weak marketing, often provided free. For best results you will ALWAYS get better results from paid advertising than from free advertising but do not discount free promotion, it’s a good way to earn advertising credits if you have a small advertising budget. If you buy advertising be SURE you get some kind of way to validate the promotion, the click rate, and actual IP addresses of unique respondents to ensure the hits are legitimate and not computer generated. Make sure your respondents are geographically specific too, from countries that you wish to target. For example Canada or the USA. If you have your own domain you’re fortunate, as you’ll be able to get benefit from an Ad tracking tool that tracks all of your promotional activities and traced to your web site domain address.

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

Mistakes made by Online Marketers

5. The fifth common mistake I see on-line marketers making is very straight-forward.

Not being realistic or giving it enough consistent time and effort to see results.

I know we live in an instant gratification world but if you’re new to on-line marketing you will need to be more realistic. Promotion takes plenty of CONSISTENT effort using a number of ways at a number or websites. By following your ads you’ll be able to see instantly where your efforts are being productive. Be ready to try various copy, be cognizant that some products will sell better than others, some advertising resources will deliver better than others. Vary your offers, change up your products as required, update landing pages, post to variety of websites and track the results. Take your time to learn about some of the terms used in this article. Be honest with yourself regarding what you’re doing. Are you serious about earning money on-line or are you doing this as a hobby? Your level of hunger and ambition to succeed will be your motivator. The good news is that once you have built your mailing list, and found niche sites and advertising resources that work, your job to promote gets easier but NEVER goes away.


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